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In your own words respond to the two posts. Minimum of 300 words each with a turnitin report of zero percent plagiarism.
1.  Discussiooon One
A literature review is the methodology by which a researcher is reviewing information pertinent to their study (Babbie, 2015). This is first accomplished by surrounding oneself with key concepts upon which the study is based. Exploring pieces such as research assignments journal articles, credible and recent surveys, and scholarly works like reports and books provide researchers with foundational information to establish the beginnings of their own erudite evaluations. By using a process similar to snowball sampling, a method in which one interviewed individual may lead to another and so on, one may do the same with texts in literature review. When a researcher addresses one scholarly work, the purpose is to dig deep into the core knowledge which the writer presented for others to review and use key points and concepts for their own inquiries. In doing so, a researcher may travel an academic rabbit hole of references jumping from one text to another. This allows the researcher to develop an authentic grasp on subject matter and transcribe their own inquiry (Babbie, 2015).
                For example, for my research assignment in this course, I am evaluating the impact of legislation on status offending by reviewing the effects of Tobacco 21 legislation since 2019. When drafting my Problem Identification assignment last week, I was inadvertently using this same rendition of the snowball sampling technique in my own research. In preparation for my Literature Review assignment, I have begun to compile a miniature library of reference material to further review. I have stumbled across, and I do not use that term lightly, two published analyses on juvenile tobacco use both before and after Tobacco 21 legislation (Abouk et al., 2023; Bryan et al., 2020), a federally reported document presenting juvenile court statistics from 2019 (Hockenberry

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