3 page paper due in 2 hours. time sensitive no plagiarism

1.  A brief description of the three subject areas studied this semester that you found most interesting and/or informative (citations and specific academic information gained from the course MUST be provided).
2.  Identify, discuss and describe a specific contemporary political problem in one of the three subject areas you identified (above).
In other words: MENTION 3 AND DESCRIBE 1. DO NOT GO ON AT LENGTH ON ALL 3 TOPICS. See more below:
3.  Construct and communicate a solution to the problem you identified (above).  Make sure to develop and express your solution in the form of an argument that is supported by well-documented and properly cited fact and data.
 Correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, complete sentences, and CITATION of your sources (textbook readings with page numbers and textbook citation; lectures or video instruction; and outside research sources excepting Wiki sources) must be included.   
 Your written assignments should be typed and double spaced with 12-point font and one-inch margins top, bottom, and side.  Political Science as a field has adopted the APSA Manual of Style; however, you are free to use the citation style adopted by your major department or the style used in your English composition courses (MLA or other style).  Regardless of citation style, all sources must be properly, thoroughly, and consistently cited.  Careful attention to grammar, spelling, and the mechanics of presentation is expected. 
You can choose any three subjects
  POLS 2301
Topic (about 1 1/2 each week)                                                                       Chapter:            Book:
1. American Government and Civic Engagement                                          Chapter 1            US
What is government, who governs and engaging citizens in a democracy
2. Early Explorations, Settlements and Disputes over Texas Land               Chapter 1            Texas               
A look at Texas’ early origins and the beginnings of Anglo interest in Texas
3. Migration and Immigration to Texas                            Chapter 2            Texas
Growth of Texas through the influx of many cultures
4. The Constitution and its Origins                              Chapter 2            US
The roots of American political traditions, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution; development, ratification and change
5. Groundwork for Understanding the Current Texas Constitution  (1876):
The Constitutions of Texas, Political Culture, and the People of Texas        Chapter 3            TexasTexas’ long road to its venerable, though flawed, constitution.
6. American Federalism                                                    Chapter 3            US
Division of power, evolution of federalism, intergovernmental relations and federalism today, advantages and disadvantages.
7. The American Federal System and its Significance to Understanding Texas Government
                                Chapter 4            Texas
The debate over federalism, state and local government in Texas, counties, cities and special districts
 These are the texts we used:
US = Openstax
Texas = Texas Government
American Government – OpenStax it can be accessed for free online
https://openstax.org/details/books/american-governmentJul 14, 2016 – American Government is a peer-reviewed, free, open textbook that covers standard scope and sequence. Access the text, authors, and resources here.
Texas Text: I’ve attached copies of the pdf’s from the text used
This text is embedded in your course and may be downloaded.
Davis, Terri B., and James P. Nelson, The Texas Constitution:  The People, History, and Government of the Lone Star State, (Beaumont: Lamar Literary Press), 2017. ISBN 978-1-942956-48-8. Cost: $18.95
Do not use without author’s permission.
I’ve also attached a copy of the rubric used

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