3 part community engagement assignment 521


Community Engagement Instructions

Part I: Plan

Students will submit the Community Engagement Plan Form that includes a paragraph informing the instructor of the plan for the required 10-hour volunteer service in a community setting, including the supervising organization’s name and other pertinent information. 

Submit Part I: The Plan for Community Engagement by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

Part II: The Log, Reflective Journal, and Assessment

Log: Students are required to log hours throughout the placement in the Community Engagement Log (CEL) which should specify the dates and times of observations as well as disability category observed (e.g., LD, ED, ID, etc.) and be signed by the supervisor by the end of the placement.

Reflective Journal: Students will complete a reflective journal entry following each observation. Journal entries should include direct observations of children (ages 3-21), and questions and reflections as they relate to individuals with exceptionalities and culturally responsive practices for meeting the needs (academic, social, emotional, behavioral) of diverse populations. Each journal entry should be at least 150 words in length and separated by APA formatted headings. There should be an Introduction, a Conclusion, and a citation from the text and a citation from a current Journal Article. 

Assessment: The host supervisor will complete the CEA (Community Engagement Assessment) to evaluate the student’s professional dispositions in the setting.

Submit Part II: The Log, Reflective Journal, and Assessment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.


Community Engagement Assessment

Please submit a separate Assessment for each location/setting

Graduate student_____________________________ Location:_________________________

Total Hours Completed at this Location:____________________________________________

Supervisor: Please check the yes/no box for each task. Please feel free to note any comments in the box or at the bottom of this form. 







Student was punctual and stayed for the duration of the agreed upon   time. 


Student acted in a professional manner. 


Student observed at least one child with a labeled disability. 

Supervisor Name:___________________________________________________________________

Supervisor Signature/Date:___________________________________________________


Community Engagement Log

Please submit a separate log for each location/setting

Graduate student_________________ Course_EDUC 521____ Semester/year_______________

Location__________________________ City/state ____________________________________

Location phone_____________ Supervisor_________________ Grade/ages________________


Graduate student duties___________________________________________________________














Total Time:

Supervisor Name:___________________________________________________________________

Supervisor Signature/Date:____________________________________________________________ 


Community Engagement Q & A for EDUC 521

1.  Can I observe at my child’s school or the school in which I am teaching? 

        No. This course requires a specific community placement that does not include a formal school setting. This is to cover the requirements for a community placement portion in many of the programs. Even if this is not in your program, this experience will be beneficial for your knowledge base and understanding of those with disabilities. 


2.  Am I just watching or can I help?

This is largely dependent on the rules and regulations of each individual observation site. The minimum is observation, but if you are offered the opportunity to “volunteer” go for it! Just keep great notes.

3.  I’m not seeking licensure -is this still required?

Yes. To receive credit for this course, every student must complete the 10-hour observation and submit the subsequent paperwork/assignments as verification. 

4.  I’m on active military duty. What should I do?

Thank you for your service to our country! Please contact me via email so we can discuss your situation. I’m confident that together we can find a solution that works for you.

5.  There are no viable observation sites near me. What should I do?

Given the beauty and convenience of Online Learning, you may need to drive further than desired to complete this requirement. Most students are within one-hour driving distance of a community-based resource. I recommend you use Google Maps to search for sites near you. If you are truly more than an hour away from any observation site, please send me the results of your Google search and I’ll see what I can find. However, distance will not excuse you from this assignment.

6. Do I need to complete the background check and fingerprints? 

This is something that you need to work out with the location you have chosen for your Community Engagement. 

7. Do I need to fill out the form(s) in LiveText? 

 No, not for this course. 

8. Can you help me with some ideas for settings/locations? 

Yes! You can observe/participate in any community setting that has students (ages 3-21) with disabilities. This could be in a school, a church, daycare, YMCA, community center, youth facility, group home, or even in a personal residence (there are families of foster children with a variety of backgrounds who may need help with tutoring or households who homeschool). Try to aim for observing at least two different students with disabilities. 

9. Can I use my own children for the observation hours if they have documented disabilities? 

No, we would like for you to reach beyond what you are familiar with and observe other children and in another location. You may just gain some perspective and some strategies that could help with your own children!

10. Can I use past experience (even recent) toward the hours?

No, all experience must be completed during the duration of this course. This even goes for summer courses, so please plan accordingly. 

11. Can I use multiple locations to obtain the needed 10 hours of observation/experience? 

Yes! Be creative with how you can gather up those 10 needed hours. You will glean more from this experience if you have at least two solid hours in a given location, so keep this in mind when arranging your placement. 

12. The location I am requesting needs a letter or communication from Liberty. What do I do? 

First, DO NOT contact the Field Placement office. This course is not in their jurisdiction. Second, email your professor and he/she will be able to send an emailed attached letter on Liberty’s official letterhead to the location of your choice. _________

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