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What misalignment(s) caused channel conflict between manufacturers and dealers in the automotive industry? How was this conflict reflected in the attitudes of GM and its dealers toward the CDK Digital program?
How would you characterize CDK Digital’s core competencies as of 2011?
Suppose a car shopper’s interests could be known when she visited a dealer website. How would the dealer want to treat her? What about the OEM?
How can CDK Digital leverage its core competencies to provide a website solution that both GM and its dealers consider to serve their interests?
Please keep in mind the following learning objectives so that the answers efforts are focused within the following topics:
Explain how franchisors and franchisees have different perspectives on the value of data on retail operations
Recognize benefits of big data and analytics that reach well beyond the obvious potential improvements to marketing and operational effectiveness
Articulate the value of data analytics for channel management
Appraise the benefits of real-time website customization

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