A means of facilitating crisis management

Response 1
Organizational culture is a means of facilitating crisis management. In the case of Delta and United Airlines, both organizations handled their crises distinctively. Crisis management is vital for the survival of an organization with consideration of its reputation and survival. If an organization has cultural barriers, the resolution of its crisis is highly affected. Organizational culture can either make or break the company depending on their response (Bowers et al., 2017). Furthermore, an efficient leadership style is dependable when an organization is faced with a crisis that involves servicing the needs of its consumers.
Crisis management can be used in a favorable manner where the firm can bounce back by managing the external challenges and ambiguity. Delta airline is an excellent example of taking advantage of the crisis they faced where the computer outage delayed flights. The staff practiced their culture system to their clients through emotional intelligence. Nonetheless, United Airlines did not manage their crisis which could have been solved through improvisation and consultation. Hence, this shows how a problem can influence the outcome of organizational culture.

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