A Reflective Practice in the form of Skill

Reflective Practice in the form of Skill
Different educationists and psychologists have studied reflective practices, and it is brought into notice that they are all agreed on the topic that learning can’t be unidirectional. Instead, it should have multiple angles because we need to understand the widened view is the broader aspect. After all, a child needs overall development, and one cannot ignore any of them. And learning these will not only develop a child’s perspective but also improve from a human perspective. Because it is rightly said that today which is noted down in diary will fruit for sure, and that’s why reflective learning Skill is important
Establishing schools and teaching future leaders and members of the general public are all part of educating a community. If rural communities follow this path, they can have a healthy and sustainable future. Small towns and rural areas have an educational system that provides residents with a unique chance to make better choices about their farms and contribute to agricultural innovation. The general public may have access to knowledge and avoid disinformation as a consequence of education. Learning about government programs and laws, collecting benefits, and is protected by the law are only some of the benefits that education may provide.
As a result, it is critical to acknowledge the importance of providing high-quality education in rural areas. Improved rural education is one technique for keeping young people in rural regions rather than migrating them to cities in search of better educational and economic possibilities. According to current data, Fiji’s population is 69 per cent rural. High-quality education is critical to enhancing people’s well-being, increasing their self-awareness, providing them with additional options, and helping the country to prosper as a whole. Education has a significant influence on society, systems, and countries as a whole. My personal conviction is that a well-supported and widely available educational system is an effective way to increase people’s economic knowledge and encourage them to participate in their country’s economic and cultural growth. To execute my job, I must emphasize the value of education as a vehicle for supporting democracy. This implies that individuals must be not only sheltered from their government’s actions but also given the ability to participate in those decisions actively.

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