A Rose for Emily Assignment Project

A Rose for Emily Assignment Project
A Rose for Emily Assignment ProjectThe written component of the portfolio project MUST reflect analysis. This means you must move beyond the surface of the literature. Use the “Common Themes in Literature” document to help you identify the Universal Truths of the work you choose and/or the cultural information in the “Introduction” sections of our textbooks. • The comparison of your media/art must move beyond surface-level thought and comparison. • Portfolios must be submitted digitally as a PDF to the appropriate drop box. • This assignment is worth 25% of your overall course gradeIdentify, watch, and analyze (3) pop-culture media in comparison to one work of literature from the course. Movies, episodes of televisions shows, video and/or online games, Podcasts, television, or online commercials should be used for this project. If you have a media that you’d like to use that is not listed, see your instructor for approval. Requirements:a. 250-300-word analysis of each pop cultural media, reflecting the connection to the specific literature and using textual evidence to support the connection.b. You must supply an MLA Works Cited page with all literature and media properly listed.Media I have chosen

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