A Study Of Large Complex Projects

This document presents the proposal for a study of large complex projects by investigating the logics, methods, and criteria of evaluation. The research seeks to develop a greater understanding of ‘how’ large complex project are evaluated in different project-oriented organizations. In this document project complexity dimensions and the project evaluation process are interlinked to form the schema to help project-based organizations understand and address complexity dimensions in the evaluation of complex projects. This confirmation document commences with an overview of the proposed study, by addressing the primary research questions. Then a review of the relevant literature, the methodology used in the investigation, and the research…show more content…
In addition, the second research question will investigate how these organizations evaluate their complex projects. This inquiry will be addressed by seeking their perspectives, which reflect their epistemological approach to the concept of the evaluation. This investigation will be complemented by the criteria, which the evaluation team will use to assess the project outcomes and the methods of evaluation that have been established. As a result, the second research question, will explore the project evaluation process in the project-based organizations. The third research question will be addressed by investigation of the relationship between project complexity dimensions and project evaluation process and I will try to explore how project-based organizations consider the roles and influence of complexity within project evaluation process.  
•  Significance of the Study:  
Interest in project management has grown considerably over the last few decades, within academics and practitioners, identically, demonstrating an enthusiasm in this field. The approach toward project-oriented organizational design is becoming more common nowadays, with even the most operation-based organizations preferring to define projects to better plan, execute,

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