A Time For Choosing By Ronald Reagan

Co-chair of California Republicans, Ronald Reagan, in his speech, “A Time for Choosing”, talks about assisting the Barry Goldwater campaign, switching from Democrat to Republican, motivating the public to vote for Goldwater/choosing for what’s right, how the government is taking away freedom and explaining the wrong things and changes in the government. Reagan’s purpose is to tell that, in 1964, it’s time for a change in America and to choose a campaign that will benefit the public. He adopts different moods by the way he talks and his body language, as well as different tones. Reagan’s purpose is to convince the voters that there will be a change in America and that the Goldwater campaign including his self are equal to U.S. citizens. Logos, ethos and pathos are used throughout the speech. In addition to rhetorical devices, Reagan uses anecdote, epistrophe, metaphors, similes, schemes and tropes. Reagan was a well open speaker that impacted the audience. Before Reagan was president and the head of California, he was an actor. Since he was an actor, he knew how to talk to people out loud. In the speech, Reagan speaks effectively to the audience that gets a reaction out of them as well as making the audience interested in the things he says. After Reagan greets the crowd, he grabs the audience’s attention. Reagan remained a Democrat until he converted to the Republican side, the acting career was beneficial for talking to the audience to tell an anecdote about his switch.

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