Access in the Australian Healthcare System

The Australian health care system is founded on the concept of equity of access.  Discuss this statement with relation to the concepts of effectiveness and efficiency and any interrelationships that may exist.
Equity of access, as stated in National Health Reform Agreement, is one of the fundamental bases of the Australian Health care system (DHA 2013a). Other elementary aspects of the Australian health care system also cover effectiveness, which focuses on ratio of outputs to outcomes, and efficiency, which is defined as achieving maximum outputs with available inputs or resources.  Those three represent ideal health system, which should be effective and efficient, and able to achieve the specified outcomes (efficacy) in…show more content…
49). One of the major health reform strategies is a nation and state-wide arrangement for improving access to health care delivery, including general practitioners and primary health care at community level via Medicare local, which has responsibilities to: (1) determine local community’s health needs, (2) recognise and address gaps in health service provision, and (3) make improvements in local community health care delivery (DHA 2013a; 2013b, p. 4). The reform also includes the endorsement of Closing the Gap strategies, and continuous financial and technical provision to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (AIHW 2012b, p. 52; Close the Gap Steering Committee 2010, pp. 10-13). This reform is relatively easy to start. Nevertheless, in order to get to an ideal system, management of transition is surely the difficult task to fulfill (Duckett

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