Addiction Professional And Client Characteristics Discussion

Use your textbook, Sue and Sue’sCounseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, to complete the following:
Read Chapter 3, “Multicultural Counseling Competence for Counselors and Therapists of Marginalized Groups,” pages 71101.
Read Chapter 5, “The Impact of Systemic Oppression: Counselor Credibility and Client Worldviews,” pages 145175.
Read Chapter 7, “Barriers to Multicultural Counseling and Therapy: Individual and Family Perspectives,” pages 215246.
Read Chapter 10, “ of Healing: Implications for Multicultural Counseling and Therapy,” pages 321347.
Read Chapter 15, “Counseling American Indians/Native Americans and Alaska Natives,” pages 479495.
Use the Internet to explore the current demographics in your own state. You will need this information to complete the second discussion for this unit.
Interview with True Thao: Being a Minority Mental Health Counselor
Native American Ways of Knowing
Interview with True Thao: Being a Minority Mental Health Counselor.ClickLaunch Presentationto watch an interview with True Thao, a mental health counselor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. True shares his insights and experiences as a Hmong counselor and counseling clients from both the dominant and minority cultures.
Native American Ways of Knowing. ClickLaunch Presentationto hear Dr. Kim Spoor share her way of knowing, from the Anishinaabe perspective.
Optional Readings
The literature is rich with resources to help addiction professionals and therapists delve more deeply into the topics being covered in this course and to pursue their own special interests. In each unit you will find a reference list; look to these for information and use as you wish in your professional development. Please note that it is acceptable to draw from these resources for your discussions and assignments; however, you should not rely exclusively on these resources in completing assignments that require library research.
Read Dana’s 2000 article, “The Cultural Self as Locus for Assessment and Intervention With American Indian/Alaska Natives,” fromJournal of Multicultural Counseling

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