Advantages Of Blackout Curtains

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and thought “Gosh, it would be great to be able to block out the world the way the curtains here do”? Most hotels use blackout curtains to help keep your room dark at any hour, plus reduce energy expenses and nose levels down.  
What are blackout curtains?
Blackout curtains are curtains that are include the use of a special fabric called blackout fabric. This is a fabric backed by foam in a special manufacturing process. The addition of foam makes them thicker than usual and opaque enough to block out all light. The extra thickness of the material also helps insulate the room against both noise and heat or cold from outside.
Who uses blackout curtains?
As noted above, they are commonly used in hotel rooms to help travelers sleep as well as possible under difficult conditions. Not only are they in a strange place, they may be suffering jet lag and hotels can be in noisy commercial districts. But, blackout curtains are also popular with people who work nights, people who do shift work where their schedule regularly changes and parents with babies at home. These are all people that need to be able to control their environment in terms of light, temperature and noise so that they or members of the family can get some sleep, even during daylight hours. Some people also use them to create home theaters because theaters also need to be dark and to block out external sources of noise. They are also sometimes hung over glass doors opening to wide

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