After completing the Leadership Behaviour questionnaire

After completing the Leadership Behaviour questionnaire, I scored a 36 on my relationship score, which means that it is within the moderately high range. In comparison, I got a 29 in the task score, which is within the low range of the scoring interpretation (Northouse, 2018). With this in mind, this means that I am more people-oriented than task-oriented (pg. 160). 
A situation that demonstrates my dominant leadership style was when in my first year, we were grouped for a certain group project. I first noticed from my group members that we were all not getting along. Despite the fact that I was not elected as the group leader, I felt the need to come up with solutions that would help us all get along to accomplish the assignment that we had been asked to complete as a group. Some of my group members had been on loggerheads to the extent that they were not even on speaking terms. According to Northouse (2018), a relationship-oriented form of leadership helps the followers to have a comfortable environment where they feel comfortable about themselves and with each other (pg. 136). 
In the situation that I was in, I felt the need to ensure that we could sit at one table and understand, even though it was not my duty to ensure that the group achieved its goal. I talked to every member to determine the root cause of our group’s problem. I then realised that two of my members already had a rift going on before the group was even made, which created some tension from the beginning. At this point, I helped create a good working environment. This could only be possible if the two classmates could put their rift aside and join hands to ensure that we achieved the goal at hand. I was able to mitigate the situation successfully, and by the time we finished the assignment at hand, we all became great friends.
From my experience, as highlighted, I indeed am more of a relationship-oriented leader as it always bothers me to be in a group of people where the working environment is not conducive as there is a form of strain between some members. I always feel the need to help mitigate the situation and help in ensuring that we are all in one mind, and help promote a comfortable work environment.

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