After you finish attach the file as well as the article you picked.

After you finish attach the file as well as the article you picked. again please do your best on it. provide all the info. Good grammar and sentence structure is expected. no plagiarism and dont even copy sentences and change few words. just understand the article and answer the questions. if you can finish it fast i will give you a good tip
All summaries must be typed, be in prose (not outline form), and conform to proper grammar. Each summary should be 3-4 double-spaced pages. You must include aphotocopy of the complete original journal article.look at them and decide. but please when you choose an article read the whole document. i dont want few information

The article must be an empirical research article. An empirical research article presents original research conducted by the author(s). The article should contain detailed information about the methods and results of the research.
Review articles in which the author(s) summarizes past research, but does not present an original research study are not acceptable.


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