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The Situation:
• You have been living in the new colony for 14 years without any crime.
• Three weeks ago, a girl, Nala arrived on the colony. Two days after her
arrival she was bullied by her peers. They accused of being a stowaway,
and started calling her names like Stowaway Girl. They said her parents
must be stowaways too for her to get into the colony.
• Yesterday Nala reacted to the name calling and her reaction was caught on
• To the extent it matters, the colony transport log is on Earth and will not be
delivered to the colony until the arrival of the next shuttle, in two years.
• Government administrators have asked congress to re-prioritize the
discussion and passage criminal procedure rules for fear of unrest as a
result of the incident.
Should stowaways be entitled to the same due process and rights? Why or why not? or sort of? explain in a two-page paper. MLA format 12 Times New Roman. MAKE SURE TO CITE ANY SOURCES YOU USE. NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED.

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