An External And External Environment

Since the development of competitive strategy of the enterprise in the interconnected markets important components are factors of an external and internal environment of the enterprise, the assessment of security of the enterprise with resources and the analysis of a situation of environment can affect realization of the chosen strategy (1, with. 128).  
Dynamic changes in the external environment and the adaptability, flexibility of the enterprises lead emergence of new approaches and methods for the analysis of internal and external environment to determine the orientation of the company.
In the conditions of dynamically developing environment, the main instrument of regular strategic management at the majority of the companies is the matrix…show more content…
PEST analysis assumes carrying out the strategic analysis of political (Р – political), economic (Е – economic), social (S – social), technological (T – technological), ecological (Ecology), legislative (Legal) factors of external environment of the organization. PESTEL analysis is a tool of historically created four-element strategic analysis.
For each concrete organization in its external environment, there is the special set of key factors, which directly and most essentially influences certain business (2, p. 365). For the analysis of internal factors of the enterprise various methods and approaches are used, among which the most popular and often applied is SNW analysis, which represents an abbreviation of three English words designating a strong position, a neutral position, a weak position.
Except PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis and some other matrixes of strategic planning, in the organizations alternative approaches to development of strategy are used rather widely. The main methods and tools, which allow carrying out development and justification of strategy of the enterprise, are presented

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