Analysis of Three-Phase Bridge Rectifier Circuit: Voltage, Power, and Current Calculations

a) A three phase bridge rectifier is used to supply a load. The applied line voltage is 440 V at 60 Hz; the resistive load is assisted by an inductor to smooth the current so that the dc load current of 700 A is flat without noticeable ripple.
Draw a circuit diagram of the system [3 marks] and calculate:
The dc voltage produced by the rectifier.
[1 mark]
The active power supplied by the 3-phase source.
[1 mark]
(iii) The peak current in each diode.
[1 mark]
(iv) The duration of current flow in each diode. The effective value of the ac line current. The peak-to-peak ripple of the dc voltage.
[1 mark]
[2 marks]
[1 mark]

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