Analyzing a Research Study in Adolescent Development Psychology: A Journal Article Review

In the world of academic research, professionals publish their research work in peer-reviewed journals. This means that their professional academic peers review their work and decide if it’s worthy of publication.These journal articles are research studies. The purpose of any scientific work is to study the subject of research. The goal can only be one, and it should be formulated with the words “to reveal,” “to explore,” “to study,” “to develop.” You will be selecting a journal article on a related topic in this course to read and review from the American Psychological Association.Select a journal article from the 5 attached belowDownload the journal articleDownload the study analysis template documentFollow the template given above this section and include the exact headings providedRead the entire journal article – read for comprehensionBegin filling out the sections of the journal article review – ensure you are putting everything in YOUR own words.The final product will be a 4-5 page paper reviewing a peer-reviewed research article related to a adolescent development psychology topic. The goal is to become knowledgeable about current research in this area.If you have taken this course previously or completed this capstone assignment in another course you can NOT resubmit your original paper. I do not allow recycled papers for this assignment. I will evaluate your sources if the plagiarism report is over 20% for the written content not including references). Be sure to write in your own words, limit to ONE direct quote and provide in-text citations and references in APA format. This is a 4-5 page document (including cover page and reference page)This paper must be typed and double spaced (12/Times New Roman)This paper must have a cover page.This paper must have a reference page.Citations must be included in this paper.Refer to the template below as a guide and use the headings as given on the template.This paper must include ONE scholarly source (selected article from the pdfs given).This paper must be submitted in Word document in Blackboard.This paper will be submitted through SafeAssign with less than 20% overlap in the originality report. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and result in failure and possible further sanctions. You may paraphrase but do not cut and pasteThis paper must be APA format (see APA citations provided on Blackboard in the course content page).You are only picking ONE of the journal article studies from the pdfs given and you will only be citing (in-text parenthetical) that one source as it is an analysis of that article. You will also only have one reference for that article.Be sure to state exactly which article you are using and use your own words to show your understanding. Refrain from quotes as I can just read the article instead if that is the case.There will be NO redoes on this paper as it is the last one for the term!Select one of the Journal Articles below to complete the journal article review. Make sure you read and understand the journal in its entirety before you attempt the assignment.

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