Analyzing Data Analytics Simulation for Kelsey-White: Strategies and Improvement Opportunities

Complete at least one run of the data analytics simulation for Kelsey-White (KW).  You may complete additional runs if you would like.  Be sure to keep good notes and/or take screenshots of your run so you can refer back to them.  Answer the following questions.
How did you do on your best run as determined by total cumulative (4 years) profit (be sure you have the correct number)?  What strategies did you use?  How do you think you can improve?
Were the analytics used descriptive, predictive, and/or prescriptive?  Provide specific examples.  Remember the analytics are what the computer does, not what you do with the data.
Which, if any, machine learning approaches do you think would have provided the most benefit in making your decisions?  Why?
How did social sentiment influence your decision making?  How do you think real consumer products companies (e.g., Proctor and Gamble) should use social data?

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