Analyzing sexual life in campus

Analyzing sexual life in campus
Write 4 page essay on the topic Sexual Life in campas.
-religious institutions, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the various research methodologies employed by (Freitas, 2008) and (Smith and Snell, 2009).
The ever-changing dynamics of societal relations have incessantly worked to diminish people’s hold on religion. Most people, especially youths between the ages of 18 to 23, are continually moving away from religion by finding refuge in other forms of entertainment. These youths hold the notion that the church has become an annoying place. As such, they have lost the previous clingy stands that they had towards the church during their formative years (Smith and Snell, 2009). Not only has the appeal to embrace stern evangelical positions been pushed out of the window, but also the social cloth that defined the boundaries of right and wrong.
Analyzing sexual life in campus
To the female students in evangelical schools, the determinant for failing college was not grades, but, failure to get a fiancé or a husband. Emphasis on getting a man has got nothing to do with religion. this implies that religion has again been given a backseat. This further reflects how people’s stance, even the evangelical school students, towards religion and people’s belief in religion as a social marker has considerably softened.
Analyzing sexual life in campus
In the evangelical colleges, not many people are secure about their sexual orientations (Freitas, 2008). This kind of insecurity is precipitated by the desire to fulfill religious obligations while at the same time balancing with the real life. In addition, the people in religious schools consider “saving themselves until marriage a sacred thing” (Freitas, 2008). As such, students who have already been involved in sexual encounters before marriage exhibit feelings of guilt that lead them towards wanting to change their sexual orientations.
Most of the students in evangelical colleges consider talking to their partners as very romantic, and they value talking so much. This emphasis on talking does show that communication is

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