Applying Social Psychology to Personal Relationships.

please Follow directions
use the attachments and links to answer one of the following questions.
link 2:
link 3:
Answer 1 of the 4 questions.
1. Consider homophily vs heterophily/endogamy vs exogamy.  What does this mean, and how is our nation becoming more homophilous (that is, in which traits), and in which traits do we have less homophily? Use the article (Online Exogamy Reconsidered…) and the ASP text.
2. Discuss the role that social exchange theory plays in the findings from the Skopek et. al article.
3. What do the videos reveal about physical attractiveness?  How does this relate to the readings from this week?
4. The ASP text notes that with adult attachment “…the blueprint for later life relationships is drawn when you are still a baby…” (359).  In what way do the learning objects/materials from this week build on this?

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