Assess Financial Statements And Ratios Help

Assess Financial Statements And Ratios Help
This problem set uses Alaska Air Group, Inc. as the basis for ALL questions. To start, go to the airline’s investor relations page and get its latest annual report (10-K).
1. Using the firm’s selected financial data:
a. Make a table showing the income statement (in million $). Note that any expenses that do not have their own specific line listed should be grouped under “All other expenses”. The net income lines must tie using formulas.
b. Use the table created to create a common size income statement (as a % of operating revenues for that year).
c. Show year-on-year (YoY, in %) growth
d. What happened to the profit margins?
e. What are the actual tax rates?
2. Using the operating stats, what is the YoY growth rate for: a. Yield?
b. Operating expense per available seat mile (CASM)? c. Revenue passenger miles (RPMs)?
d. Fuel price ($/gallon)?
e. Considering the above, what factors, other than the pandemic, do you think are
3. Using the firm’s balance sheets, show:
a. Balance sheets as shown (in million $); show only net property

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