Assessing child’s primary health care

Assessing child’s primary health care
Th e parent of a 7-year-old child telephones the
nurse at the child’s school and states, “My child has
had a stomachache and headache every morning
this week. Is there a virus going around the school?”
Which of the following responses would be
appropriate for the nurse to make at this time?
Select all that apply.
1. “Has your child ever expressed any concerns
about school?”
2. “Does your child seem to feel better once your
child has missed school?”
3. “Has your child had any problems with any of
the other children in school?”
4. “I would recommend taking your child to the
child’s primary health-care provider for a
complete assessment.”
5. “Unless your child is exhibiting additional
symptoms like a fever or a rash, I would
recommend that the child return to school.”
5. Th e nurse has confi rmed that a 9-year-old
child understands the concept of conservation
when the child makes which of the following
1. “Th ere is the same amount of clay in a snake
made out of a ball of clay than there was when it
was a ball.”
2. “I don’t get as tired when I ride up in an elevator
than I do when I walk up a whole fl ight of
3. “I’d rather read books and play video games than
to play baseball or soccer.”
4. “I try to get my homework done as soon as I get
home from school.”
6. A nurse is interviewing a group of 4th grade
children. It would be appropriate for the nurse
to diagnose the child who made which of the
following statements as at “Risk for Altered
Coping related to poor psychosocial
1. “My teacher put the picture I drew up on the
2. “I made a goal during our soccer game
3. “I strike out every time I bat when we play
soft ball in gym class.”
4. “My teacher let me read out loud last week and
again this week.”

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