Assessing Human Impact on the Environment: Quantifying Footprints, Analyzing Harmful Behaviors, and Promoting Sustainable Solutions

interpret quantitative information to determine the effects of human activity on the environment and evaluate environmentally sustainable decisions,communicate effectively and use scientific evidence regarding human impact on the environment with emphasis on sustainability and global citizenshipDescriptionThe final assessment will be composed of three parts and should be 4–6 pages in length (excluding citations page):INTRO: Using your three data projects, provide a comprehensive overview of your environmental footprint connecting the various calculator results you obtained for the semester. Be sure to include new insights you gleaned while summarizing your results. (1–2 pp).EXPLORE: Pick one of your behaviors/choices that has the most harmful impact on our environment and explain why you believe this behavior is the most harmful. Explore possible solutions or countermeasures to correct/improve your focal behavior. Be sure to review at least 2–3 alternatives in the literature (pick reliable resources!) (2 pp).CONCLUSIONS: Pick the best solution you EXPLORE above with an analysis of both the economic and ecological “savings” per year to be gained by the new behavior/choice (1–2 pp). NOTE: pick measurable units for both savings categories, like dollars, pounds, gallons, etc.

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