Assignment 1 Reflective Practice Task

Improve Counselling Skills:  
Assignment 1 Reflective Practice Task
Due Date:  
Word Count: 1500 words (guide only)
For this assignment you need to keep a journal for the first few weeks of the module. The aim of the journal is to reflect on various aspects of professional practice, study challenges, or any other feature of counselling work or study. You do not hand in the journal.
Using the information gathered during this process you will write the practice task reflecting on your professional practice that includes three professional practice goals.  
It is recommended that you make a brief entry in your journal everyday in which you record events, situations, information and your insights related to counselling. Ensure that…show more content…
You are wise and bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the module and field.
Breadth of experience to date and what you have learned from these experiences 

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