Assignment about gousto company | Management homework help

The assignment is about Gousto company and it must be from 2000 words for the body and the reference in a separate page.
The assignment should include the following without Plagiarism:
1- Introduction.
2- The body should have the following points written separately in each paragraph. 
a) Understanding value:
b) Creating value:
c) Communicating value:
d) Delivering value:
3- Conclusion.
4- Reference (APA).
The essay is about:
The essay should answer the following question:
“How does Gousto understand, create, communicate and deliver customers values?”
The first source of the essay should be taken from the attached (article) file and mixed with other article sources from the web. (no less than two sources).
The assignment will be marked by the following assessment criteria:
· Description of the nature, content and application of relevant marketing ideas and concepts, including a critical understanding of academic and practitioner perspectives
· Illustrating an understanding of how a customer focus can be applied
· Specifying the requirements for effective marketing
· Outlining relevant marketing processes and describe the techniques used to implement marketing strategies
· Illustrating the ability to discuss with relevant insight from practice
· Develop a clear and balanced assessment of the relevant theory, including support from relevant literature
· Overall ability to answer the assignment question in a focused way

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