Auto Bibliography And Exploratory Paper

Auto Bibliography And Exploratory Paper
· Come up with two separate ideas for topics for the Policy Proposal paper.
· Write two detailed paragraphs, one describing each of the ideas and why it interests you.
· Turn in the paragraphs, typed and double-spaced, in class. The total length should one page or less.
· To begin your writing process and get you engaged with the Policy Proposal project.
· So I can provide feedback to make sure you find a workable and interesting topic.
· Did you identify two problems that could be addressed in a Policy Proposal?
· Are your paragraphs adequately developed?
· Topic Proposals will not be graded on style or grammatical issues.
· For now, you only need to identify problems you might like to address. You don’t need to have a solution (policy claim) yet.
· In your paragraphs, explain why you’re interested in the topic, why it will work well for the Policy Proposal Paper, or both. You can also mention sources you think you could use or problems you expect to encounter. Go beyond simply identifying your area of concern and show you’ve thought seriously about the topic.
· A good way to begin thinking about possible topics is to consider things you believe are wrong and need to be changed or problems that you feel have been inadequately addressed. In other words, what would you change if you had the power?
· Your topic should be one that has been discussed in the media recently and that has not yet been resolved. If you’re having trouble generating ideas, look at newspapers or other media outlets.
· The problems can be local issues you have experienced personally or larger social problems.
· It’s often good to choose a topic that genuinely interests you or with which you have been personally involved. This can make the work of writing and researching the paper more rewarding. You could also consider a topic related to your field of study
· Strive to make your topic interesting. You may want to focus on a problem that is relatively new or unfamiliar, or offer a fresh solution to an old problem. In other words, you may not want to go with the first topic that comes to mind.
Other things to consider:
· Will you have time to investigate the subject thoroughly and can you address the topic adequately in roughly eight pages? Don’t take on too large a topic.
· Is your topic arguable? In other words, are there credible arguments on various sides of the issue?
· Will you be able to get credible data and evidence to show that there is in fact a problem in urgent need of a solution?
NOTE: Please do not choose these topics: abortion, capital punishment, marijuana legalization*, gun control, regulating video games, drug testing for welfare recipients, women in combat, GMO labeling, physician-assisted suicide. (*Unless you have a fresh, interesting idea.)

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