Axis of evil and in all allegory Case study

Paradigms :
Understanding why and how the method laws and theories in science are always changing regularly, we can explore this purpose very meaningfully when we have a clear understanding of what the term science means. It is necessary as well for us to know what the term culture means and realize that we are surrounded by cultures of science another way of understanding paradigms is to think about important changes to these culture science.
Let us examine one important meaning to the term culture, look at major diffusions within the sciences, and ask ourselves about how these sciences are practiced. Culture: the various practices members in different sectors of society use for the purpose of giving meaning for their life while they express their organizational affiliation and identities. We have identified several sectors in every day life of scientist some of those sectors are biology physics and chemistry within these sectors scientist create theories, test the theories, observe, product, experiment. Is it reasonable for us to state that when all of the practices above take place that scientist communicate, or interact, with each other? Of course no drama plato, no drama Obama, I very clearly that cultures of sciences do exist. It is reasonable also to state that when there is major/ significant change to cultures of science take place or in other worlds there is rupture to the practices of science and existing observation, experimenting theories-perhaps predicting our challenged and replaced paradigms change happen. The great nature list and scientist Mr Charles Dien, whos work we shall examine in unite 2 created major rapture in the biological sector. We can say that he was responsible for major paradigm change. In our world today we use many devices such as personal computers and mobile phones with great eves. These devices exist today because of major paradigm in physics. We have seen notable examples of paradigm shift in medson but paradigm shift take space in all branches of science next month when announcements are made about awards of noble prizes for physics, chemistry, economics, and medson we will have been provided with excellent chances to recognize paradigm change within these sectors. We have included economics as a science. Is it reasonable for us to do so? Of course it is. Economics like sociology and political science are not natural sciences: they are social sciences all of which are concern relation around people and organization. We have offered our own description about paradigms change.
What description does Barash give about paradigms change? He informed us when the regnant principles governing the practice of science are challenged and those principles are replaced, paradigms changes occur.
The main purpose: understanding how the figure of speech, allegory is used for making connections between what is concrete and abstract in everyday life.
We have seen that allegory is a figure of speech use frequently in all languages. We know, as well as the great English play write, , uses allegory in all of his writing. Some of us remember hamlet, king leer, Romeo and Juliet, as well as Julius caser. We know, also, the politicians are fund of using allegory. Statements about . Whole countries, the evil empire, axis of evil and in certain all allegory are from politicians. Although the , was not a politician. His has been used very often by politicians to show reveal difference between bondage and freedom. This is a difference plato reveals to us. In case like a cave like dwelling, like humans exist for their entire lives. When we examine the dialogue we shall see great similarity between plato and the politicians whos work we have discussed.

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