Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration Assignment

Details of complete assignment content, deliverables and rubric
Introduction to Evidence Based Practice Tutorial
This tutorial below is intended for any or student who needs a basic introduction to the principles of .
Upon completion of this self-paced tutorial, you will be able to:
define Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)
identify the parts of a well-built clinical question
identify EBP searching strategies that could improve PubMed retrieval
identify key issues that help determine the validity of the results of a study
The purpose of this exercise is to practice the steps in the EBP process. You are to read and participate in the tutorial.
To access the :
1. Select the UNC link for the Unit 1 Assignment Tutorial:
2. Select the Tutorials link from the list on the page second from the bottom
3. Type Introduction to Evidence based practice into the search field
4. Select the Introduction to : Home at the top of the search list
This is the link that the assignment is based on

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