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Dr. Mary Brown joined Capella as adjunct faculty, becoming a core faculty member in 2006 and a faculty chair in 2011. Over the following years, Brown managed the information assurance and security degree programs, during which time the university was awarded the Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense designation three times, as well as NSA/DHS designations, which were made possible largely due to her hard work and commitment to continually improve the courses in the information assurance and security offerings.
Dr. Robert C. Ford began working at Capella University in 1997; he served as dean of the School of Human Services (now part of the School of Counseling and Human Services) from 1999 to the time of his death in August 2001. Prior to the establishment of the School of Human Services, he served as chair of the human services program and guided its development.
Dr. Ford found great joy in exploring what he called the “oneness of the human race” with his students. He was a consummate academic, therapist, teacher, healer, and a practical man who lived his life congruent with his beliefs. Dr. Ford dedicated his professional life to researching cultural pluralism. He studied the concerns of ethnic minority students and strived to reach and educate as many human beings as he could in an effort to understand, teach, and live a diverse, educated, multicultural way of life.
Helene Krivosha was a founding member of the Capella University Board of Directors and served on the board from 1994 to 2004. She returned to the board in March 2005 in an emeritus role. Krivosha has extensive experience teaching in K-12 and Head Start programs. She has tutored dyslexic students at the University of Nebraska, Nebraska State Penitentiary, and privately. Krivosha has served on a number of municipal and statewide committees in Nebraska, including the Commission of the Status of Women, the Humanities Commission, and the Commission on Aging, where she was president. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Nebraska.
Scott Sathers was a beloved and valued staff member of Capella University who died in the collapse of the I-35W bridge in August 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sathers worked diligently in enrollment services, helping many learners realize their goals of earning their degree. Passionate about learning, Sathers was a born motivator, a natural leader, and an accomplished golfer.
Loran Walker was an inspiring faculty leader at Capella University who passed away unexpectedly in November 2014. During his time at Capella, Walker continually demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the project management offerings across the School of Business and Technology and the School of Undergraduate Studies. In addition, Walker was dedicated to improving the experience of his learners and remained active in the broader community of project management professionals. He was a frequent speaker at both regional and national Project Management Institute meetings and conferences.
Passionate about teaching and learning, Walker worked to improve not only his teaching practice but also that of his peers. He was always the first to embrace new ways of engaging learners in Capella courses, always seeking to ensure that learners really understood and could apply project management concepts.
Answer two questions between 350-750 words for each answer.
All five honorees cared greatly about the success of Capella learners and most were heavily involved in bettering their communities and others. Dr. Ford in particular fulfilled this desire by helping others to help themselves. Describe how you plan to use your education to better your community or help others to help themselves, and how receiving this scholarship will help you in doing so? 
All of our honorees brought great personal and professional successes to their work environment. What would you consider one of your greatest professional successes? How did your success benefit your organization and its people?

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