BIOL 2230 Brucella Virus Incubation

Develop a 10 minute (max) audio/visual presentation. (6 min. minimum) Powerpoint is the best tool for this assignment. All work must be documented through APA style format, including pictures. You are to develop a powerpoint presenting your pathogen, and then complete an audio presentation over each slide. The target length of this project is approximately 10 minutes. Develop a presentation teaching your chosen audience (please define) about the classification, 6-i’s, cellular interactions, diseases caused, treatment, human impact, and historical successes or future risks related to this pathogen. I want you to focus on one of the following areas for the rest of your presentation: Global or Regional Historical Impact, Scientists that researched the pathogen, Vaccination programs in poorer nations, Impact on American Healthcare, Biotechnology associated with the microbe, Genetic innovations, or Impact on minority populations.

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