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The nail services industry is big business in the U.S. grossing billions of Dollars in sales. There are two distinct ethnic groups, 48% Vietnamese and 42% Caucasian, which make up this industry. It is also overwhelmingly female with 97%. News outlets often run stories about consumer outbreaks at nail salons.
Guidelines for the Blog:
Read the news articles/items on the increase of manicures and pedicures. Try to focus on worker issues such as poor communication, economic pressure, training, biological and chemical exposures from the viewpoint of the consumer.
The United States Department of Labor has a website, Health Hazards in Nail Salons (, which provides a wealth of information.
Your Blog posting must include the following: 
Title of articles or news items*:
Share your view on ways to reduce workplace hazards with focus on preventative measures and protecting worker health.
*Note: Please note that your source may include the link (and related links provided above).

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