Blooms Taxonomy Reflection Paper

Blooms Taxonomy suggests that learning can be maximized when a person is provided a variety of opportunities to apply foundational knowledge. Therefore, in addition to my primary responsibilities for teaching and clinical supervision, I have integrated various innovative teaching activities that have resulted in various research-related products created by the student participants.  Based on my clinical expertise in pediatrics, I have emphasized finding activities that are pediatric-based as students traditionally have limited exposure to pediatric content and pediatric clinical experiences as compared to other areas of specialty practice.  To do this, I have taken advantages of the community connections and partnerships I have developed as…show more content…
(See the abstract for this session in Appendix A).  Regarding the General Movements Trust training seminar, approximately 50 health care practitioners from 12 different states and three Doctor of Physical Therapy students attended the basic or advanced certification seminar hosted at Cleveland State University in 2015.  In addition to providing students with the opportunity to achieve this certification and enhance their professional development, I have also been able to model to students the importance of translating knowledge of the General Movements Assessment, which is a non-invasive and cost-effective tool that can be used to predict long-term neurobehavioral sequelae in neonates 25-weeks post-menstrual age through 5-months post-term age.  Students have assisted me in the organization and running of the General Movements Assessment Community of Practice (which I founded) with the goal to create a quarterly forum for General Movements Assessment trained practitioners in Northeast Ohio to continue to learn with and from each other after becoming…show more content…
Participation of Children with Motor Disabilities at Recess. Summer 2016 o Product included 1) a comprehensive annotated bibliography and 2) example lesson plans describing inclusive activities for children with mobility impairments
• Chapman A. Advancing locomotion and development in young children with Down syndrome.  Fall 2015. o Product included 1) a comprehensive annotated bibliography and 2) assistance with data collection for the externally funded project from the University of Delaware and NIH, NICHD sub-award contract: Advancing Locomotion and Development in Young Children with Down Syndrome
• Cogswell H, Martin C, Swiers J. Student Instruction for Use of Epidermal, Dermal, Fascial Kinesio® Taping Technique During Patient Lab.  Spring 2015.  o Product included a peer-reviewed poster presentation at Kinesio Taping Association International Conference. (2015)  
• Burfield A. Incidence of strabismus in children with torticollis.  Summer

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