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Book Reviews;
Essays covering the books are analj^ical in nature and should contain two basic areas: a summary of the contents of the book, and a critical assessment including your own view. This includes: critically reading the book, providing a brief synopsis of the contents of the text, plus your own . conclusions (how this book changed/ did not change your views, and any’new insights/. . interpretations into historical topics). Book papers should use 1 inch margins, Times New Roman and 12 font, be double-spaced, and MUST be at least 4 pages in length and stapled. When citing the text, use parenthesis along with page number, i.e. (125). Do not use block quotes (over three sentences), or plagiarize the author. Do not use outside sources such as the Litemet, other books, or articles to find additional material. No cover page or work cited page is needed for this assignment. E-mailed papers will NOT be accepted. A penalty will be assessed on late papers.

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