Boys And Girls Club Of Woolocket

The Boys and Girls Club of Woonsocket currently undergoes a diverse field of fundraising opportunities, as any strong non-profit should be doing. They currently receive income from their own business services such as their daycare program, have national and state alliances with various for-profit organizations, receive foundation grants from the Boys and Girls Club of America and have their own private supporters in the surrounding areas. The following information will go into detail about these different revenue streams, as well as determine any changes that need to be made in order to make the BGC of Woonsocket more sustainable. Currently, according to Candice Jackson, the BGC of Woonsocket largest source of income comes from their childcare services. They are a DHS/DCYF state-licensed childcare facility, which makes them a licensed and certified childcare business. They charge the parents $150 per child per week, which gives their parents the peace of mind that their kids are safe and in a productive…show more content…If for some reason the membership number drops, they will have to start dropping various events and the “extra fluff” in order to keep their operations going. The BGC should open themselves to more sources of revenue that allows them to predict their revenue streams, allowing them to budget more efficiently. This is what Candice and her team are currently doing she explained. They have installed a splash park for children to come in and enjoy, allowing them to cool off. There will, of course, be a charge that goes with along with this service. This involved a large investment to build, but Candice stated with confidence that they have forecasted the finances and the investment will be worth it in the end. These different types of revenues streams make the BGC of Woonsocket sustainable because they are making their own money and not relying on others for

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