Brief Policy Presentation

Brief Policy Presentation
 Pretend you are a hospital counselor in a meeting with the  administration. A presentation is given concerning how there seems to be  a high-stress level at the hospital that is negatively affecting many  employees’ health. You have been asked to create a policy brief  presentation that shows the negative effects on the mental and physical  health of the employees. The purpose of a policy brief is to show  research concerning an issue/problem along with recommendations. This  information is to be used in order to make an informed decision on these  issues and how the administration can reach out to help their workers.  Write this assignment as if you are actually giving a talk to the  Hospital Board Members. 
 Create a Policy Brief  directed to the administration explaining the mental and physical health  issues due to stress along with your recommendations on how the  hospital can help.  
 Include the following headings: executive summary, introduction,  research overview, discussion/analysis of research findings and a  conclusion with recommendations.  
List and explain why hospital employees are stressed.  Give at least 3 reasons. 
Elaborate on at least 3 biological consequences of stress, emotion, and cognitive outlook on overall health. 
List and explain at least 3 ways that stress can help to motivate someone to change their behavior. 
Recommend how the hospital can help motivate employees to achieve  the following: at least 3 stress reduction techniques and at least 3  ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Think about programs and rewards  that the hospital can offer to encourage participation to achieve  stress-less, healthier lifestyle goals. 
Add at least 4 scholarly references in APA format

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