Business-IT Alignment Sampled summary

As addressed in the module, the first aspect of complexity is that of Business-IT alignment. According to, Business-IT alignment refers to a way in which businesses incorporate information technology in their operation to active their goals. However, Buchalcevova and Pour (2018, p.696) agree that many businesses do not work with technology to achieve optimum productivity, especially the traditional ones. In an IS-enabled business environment, a line between business and IT mostly exists. That is, the technology experts struggle to understand what business does while the business guys think that technology is just by itself and has all to do with turning computers on and off. The current business environment has realized the need to align information systems with business operations. Gartner (2020, Par.1) predicts that half of the worldwide business operators will engage in Business-IT collaboration to enhance competitive advantage. 

information systems and business processes
Also, there is a complexity in business processes due to the incorporation of information systems. According to the system theory, business processes rely on the interaction between input, feedback, and output (Massa et al., 2018, p.56). The use of information systems in a business environment enhances productivity in various ways. First, it boosts the flow of feedback with triggers improvements in future business implementations. Keeping records helps in decision-making to decide the best approach to succeed in business. Information systems predict the expected output based on the existing input, and the business manager can easily know what to expect and make necessary adjustments to align the processes with the expected goals. 

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