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INSTRUCTIONS:  This writing assignment must be typed.  It must be turned in on time.  You may use your text to answer the questions.  Your answer should thoroughly discuss the law and any applicable exceptions.  You do not need to consult any other source other than your text in order to answer these questions, but may if you like as long as you cite to your source.  Remember, you may not use Wikipedia or any law firm/attorney website as a source.
 I do NOT want you to discuss every rule you have learned that even remotely applies to the facts.  I expect you to read the question carefully and use your common sense.  Make sure you answer the question(s) asked.  Your answer should not be more than a page and a half.  It should not be one or two sentences either.  In other words, it should be thorough and concise.  Do not repeat the facts.  I know the facts.  I will not penalize you if your response is a little longer but please do not be repetitive.  Think about what you are saying and re-read your work before you submit it.  
Please note that this is a law course.  Therefore, you need to read problems paying close attention to the words used in the problem.  If the problem states that there is an agency relationship, this means there is an agency relationship, and this is not the issue in the problem.  If the problem states there is an offer, then there is an offer and you need not state the rule for an offer. 
Please do not include the question in your reponse.  I just want your responses.
Please include the following statement at the top of your paper:
I have not discussed the problems in this assignment or my responses to them with anyone.  I have not provided my responses to anyone and no one has provided me with their responses.  In other words, I state on my honor that this paper is entirely my work.
Signed:            _________________________________________
Susan serves on the city building commission.  The city is planning to build a new subway system to extend the reach of the subway further out from the city center.  Susan’s cousin, Sam, owns Subway Mobility Co., submitted the lowest bid for the system.  Susan knows that Sam could complete the job for the amount in his bid.  But she also knows that once Sam finishes this job, he will probably sell his company and retire.  Susan is concerned that Subway Mobility’s subsequent management might not be as easy to work with if revisions need to be made on the subway system after its completion.  She is torn as to whether she should tell the city about the potential changes in Subway Mobility’s management.  If the city knew about the potential change in Subway Mobility’s management, it might prefer to give the K to one of Subway’s competitors, whose bid was only slightly higher than Subway’s was..
Does Susan have an ethical obligation to disclose the information about Sam to the city planning commission?
How would you apply duty-based ethical standards to this question?
What might be the outcome of a utilitarian analysis?
Discuss each fully.

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