Business model canvas 1 and 2

Business model canvas 1 and 2: 
The business model canvas refers to the template of strategic management that helps to develop new business models and documents the existing ones (Ojasalo and Ojasalo, 2018). The nine components of a business model canvas are customer segments, channels, key activities, key resources, key partnerships, value propositions, revenue streams, customer relationship, and cost structure (Keane et al., 2018). Based on the business canvas model 1, the key partnerships have suppliers of raw materials, investors, artists—tools of 3D printer and architecture company. Key activities have findings of space, expositions, artists, and connect artists and key propositions are high-quality customer services, efficient artists to provide accurate services. I have used other useful things in the business canvas model that help to develop strategic management to achieve organisational goals and objectives. After making the business canvas model 1, the team and I observed that business model 1 cannot provide effective strategic management for the company, and in order to improve the management, we have to focus on some other approaches in the nine components. On the other hand, I am looking for more effective ways and strategies to develop customer services as well as improve the business canvas model more efficiently. Therefore, I have observed that the side project and the use of the framework have provided positive outcomes and are helpful for the 3D company in order to achieve their goals and evaluate their services by strategic management. 

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