BUSM3199 Ethics And Governance Help

BUSM3199 Ethics And Governance Help
You are an ethics and governance officer working for a listed corporation CorpCo. The board of CorpCo has asked for a board paper (See Board Report Template for further guidance) to be prepared on one of the two contemporary corporate social responsibility (CSR)/business ethics issues below (Optus or Greg Mortimer Cruise Ship).
Select one of the two cases (Optus or Greg Mortimer Cruise Ship) for tabling at the next meeting of the company’s board of directors. Board members gain a great deal of information about the decisions they need to make through the board papers they receive prior to a board meeting. Board papers are often prepared by non-board members. Board papers cover a variety of functions, ranging from providing
BUSM3199 Ethics And Governance Help
general information to a call for action. Section 180 of the Australian Corporations Act 2001 outlines that directors have a statutory duty of care to have read the board papers to be able to contribute effectively to board meetings. Board papers provide information to non-executive directors thereby reducing information asymmetry and somewhat resolve the principal-agent problem (connecting to Week 7 E

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