Buy Gender Pay Gap

Buy Gender Pay Gap
Type a summary paper of at least 2 pages [1-inch margins, 12-pt Times New Roman font] on the main points that the speaker made in this lecture.
Papers on Economic Lectures and Debates on Campus Online Submissions
Whenever there is a guest lecture, debate, conference or film on relevant economic topics on campus, I will aim to give advance notice and offer an extra credit opportunity. If you attend, take careful notes and ask questions of the speaker(s) if you are unclear on any of her main points. Save any flyers or other available information at the event, and check any websites cited therein to find additional relevant information. Aim for as objective, journalistic a summary of the talk as possible – even if you personally disagree with any or all of these points.
A. COMPOSE THE PAPER IN WORD [not a pdf] This makes it easier for you to run spell-check, grammar-check, Word Count – and for me to add comments on your paper.
B. ORGANIZATION of Extra Credit Paper:
1) The top of the first page should include: your full name; our course name/number; date of event; title of talk/event; name(s) of speaker(s)

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