Buy Health Care Quality And Disparities

Buy Health Care Quality And Disparities
Read the following attached:
What Is the Key to Culturally Competent Care: Reducing Bias or Cultural Tailoring?
Primary Care Networks and Team Effectiveness: The Case of a Large-Scale Quality Improvement Disparity Reduction Program
Watch the following video:
Health and Healthcare Disparities in the US | Social Inequality | MCAT | Khan Academy (
The National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports (NHQDR) focuses on “prevailing disparities in health care delivery as it relates to racial factors and socioeconomic factors in priority populations” (Research on Health Disparities Act, 1944, as cited in Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.). Its website offers comprehensive information regarding health care quality and disparities in each state for the general public, health care professionals and institutions, policymakers, and legislators.
‘Buy Health Care Quality And Disparities
For this discussion, you are to take a position as the CEO of the largest health system in Georgia. Go to the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports ( webpage, and select Georgia to review the quality measures and disparities. Once you are on the Georgia main page, review the data under Measures by Race and Ethnicity. Select a minority population to research. Select the yellow summary bar of your selected minority population to view the measures that are far from benchmark.
In 300 to 350 words, address the following,
Identify two measures under the category Measures That Are Far From Benchmark for your selected minority population.
Explain the importance of these two specific measures.
Develop a plan on how to prioritize quality improvement efforts and mobilize the resources in your health system to achieve better health care and reduce disparities on your two selected measures in your home state.
Evaluate the obstacles to implementing your quality improvement plan.
Support your response with at least two scholarly sources published in APA Style within the last five years.

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