Buy HI305 Management Of Health Information

Buy HI305 Management Of Health Information
Review the Case Study here, and then answer the following questions:
NOTE: Be sure to provide quality management-based support for your answers below by using specific informatics-base data obtained from the case study.
How did developing a process map of the current discharge process help the team get started? How was the staff involved?
What was the most important tool for determining the critical drivers of waste and variation?
Identify factors that contributed to process variation in the discharge process from the discharge order to the patient leaving.
What specific changes were made in the sub-process of the discharge order to the patient leaving as a result of workflow analysis?
What specific changes were made in the sub-process of the patient leaving the hospital room to the computer showing the bed as available as a result of the workflow analysis?
Part II:
For Part II, you will work in an assigned team. Team assignments have been posted in the Announcements section of the course.
Get together with your team and discuss and critique the information presented below. You will do this discussion/critique in the Assignment Part II Team Discussion Board. Post to the Discussion and interact with your teammates to address your thoughts about integrity and respect in working as part of a team. DO NOT WAIT until the end of the week to post to the Team Discussion Board, as you will need ongoing interaction with your teammates in order to successfully complete this part of the Assignment. You will turn in (copy/paste) the entire discussion as your work for Part II.
Grading will be done as a team based on content and participation. Students who do not participate or contribute satisfactorily to the team Assignment will be graded individually.
What you don’t learn from the Case Study is how the team worked together and what types of issues came up along the way. As with all teams, this team’s meetings and work did not proceed perfectly and without problems. Remember that a multidisciplinary project team worked to improve the process and included nursing staff, case managers, an information technology representative and the chief medical officer.
At the very first meeting, there was some tension between one of the nursing staff and one of the case managers. Let’s call them Ms. A and Mr. B. They had different opinions and seemed to be competing. The tension was noticed by the others.
At the second meeting, the two actually argued. Ms. A was quite rude and defensive, and said things to Mr. B that the others considered very disrespectful. The team leader addressed Ms. A and Mr. B after the meeting, individually, and asked if there was anything that he could do to help them iron out their differences. The leader reminded them to be professional.
The third meeting went well, and Ms. A and Mr. B seemed to just stay clear of one another. Work on the process improvements began, and each of the team members had tasks they were to work on. One month into the project, one of the team members heard Ms. A tell a coworker “I make all of the decisions for the team because nobody else knows what they are doing. I designed the whole plan. I heard Mr. B is going to get kicked off the team because he is such a jerk.”
Imagine that you are the team member who overheard this conversation. Address your thoughts about integrity and respect in working as part of a team. Support your thoughts from information from the textbook or another source. What would you do after you hear this conversation? Will you keep it to yourself or will you tell someone? Will you confront Ms. A directly? What can you do to help direct Ms. A and Mr. B toward more positive collaboration?
Case studies adapted from:
Oachs, P.

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