Buy Participation In The Social Media Game

Buy Participation In The Social Media Game
This was the group assignment and the assignment based on this one
Social media solution- a game
GameZone Inc. is a growing company in digital interactive entertainment. It started its business in the video gaming industry in 2009 in San Francisco. Some of their related projects: to an external site. to an external site. to an external site.
Mission – To inspire the world to play.
Desires a global reputation as the leader of the video game industry
Develops and delivers games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers.
Over 30 million registered players globally.
It is recognized for brands in sports games, strategic games, zombie games, and so on.
Requests to incorporate feedback from customers
Sells both online and directly through retailers (such as Target and Walmart), which helps keep better consumer trends.
It looks for positive publicity and a greater market in the U.S. and around the world.
They have three main beliefs:
CREATIVITY: Strive to bring imagination, original ideas, and excitement to everything they do.
PIONEERING: Acting with the curiosity and courage it takes to experiment, innovate, and lead.
PASSION: They are at their best when they pursue what they love while having fun doing it.
Although the company’s market share and revenue are not bad, they have no clear marketing strategy. They mainly focus on word of mouth based on their products’ variety, price, quality, and after-sales services. Now, they have decided to take advantage of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). Therefore, they have invited four marketing consulting groups to develop a sound online marketing strategy. In this game, the four consulting teams describe four different approaches as follows:
Approach 1: Customer-centered approach: Viral marketing and crowdsourcing
This consulting team needs to explain how this company can take advantage of viral marketing and crowdsourcing to improve the quality of products/services, come up with new ideas, reduce errors and bugs, and increase revenue. It would help if you described your proposed strategies for viral marketing. Why could crowdsourcing be a promising way to influence organizational performance? Give one example of a crowdsourcing project that best matches the company.
Approach 2: Network-centered approach: Influencer marketing
This consulting group needs to focus on the influencer marketing approach. You need to explain how the company can use influencer marketing to get more followers and likes, increase the number of actual users, and improve revenue. It will help if you articulate your plan. For example, which influencer (s), celebrity (ties), or Viner (s) will you pick? Why? How will this choice affect the company’s bottom lines?
Approach 3: SM- centered approach: Social media platforms and social media management tools
This consulting team needs to convince the management that the best way to improve marketing and advertising activities, enhance reputation, elevate brand awareness, retain and manage current customers, attract potential customers, and increase revenue is by choosing the best social media platforms. It would then help if you highlighted that the company should use SM tools to manage and harmonize the SM channels. You need to explain what social media is the best option for them. Why? What tools do they need to use to manage them? How to draft their SM policies?
Approach 4: Online word-of-mouth approach: Outrageous marketing approach
This consulting group needs to provide enough evidence to convince the management that being outrageous is the best marketing approach. For instance, you can use competitive analysis to show some successful outrageous strategies. Why do other companies (in a related or unrelated industry) use this approach? What are the advantages and possible risks associated with this approach? You also need to either draft your idea about your outrageous plan and describe it or prepare a short video (or any multimedia materials) to offer your solution practically.
The assignment is:
Participation in the social media game
Each student needs to submit an individual report with (at least) three paragraphs for the individual grades. In your individual report, please include the following items:
1. Overall, what have you learned from this group activity? It can be theoretical or practical (or both) implications of this activity. For example, explain the takeaway points, and describe how you would use what you have learned from this group activity in real similar scenarios. How can you put these points into practice? (50 points)
2. If you were a manager or leader (with power and financial resources) of a social media platform (e.g., the CEO of a social media platform such as Instagram or Youtube), what change(s) or strategies would you pursue as your most important priority to improve and expand the popularity and use of your platform in more industry sections and a wide range of businesses? (25 points)
3. Compose a tweet about this activity or write about what you have found very exciting (or informative) in this activity on Instagram. A real post (i.e., a screenshot of your post) is recommended if you have a Twitter or Instagram account. You should also add three hashtags to the end of your tweet or Instagram post. Please share your tweet or Instagram post in this report. (25 points)
Some important points:
To get the full points, you need to actively participate in the discussions, problem-solving, and decision-making during the consultation session.
Both the quality (such as accuracy) and quantity (at least one paragraph for each question) of each student’s report will be graded.
Active individual participation based on a sound, complete, and innovative report = (25%)
Important note: No show-up in the group activity in class means a 10% deduction from the individual grade.

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