Capture network traffic with a sniffer

Capture network traffic with a sniffer
Network Sniffer
In this project you will capture network traffic with a sniffer. You can run this on your home network.
1. Download WireShark from
2. Install Wireshark using procedures available on the Wireshark website.
3. Start WireShark.
4. Ensure that WireShark is going to capture packets on the correct interface. Select Capture> Options, and see what interface is selected. Select the proper interface from the list. Make sure Capture all is in promiscuous mode and Update list of packets in real time are selected. Begin capture web traffic from your own workstation. Click Start
5. After some packets have been captured, click Capture > Stop
6. Click on the packet in WireShark’s upper window. What does Wireshark show you about the packet in the lower window? Examine the detail in each session (for example: Frame, Ethernet II, Internet Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, Hypertext, Transfer Protocol). What can you learn about the packet(s) that you are examining?
Port Scanning
Next, you will perform simple port scanning to discover open ports on nearby network systems. Do this on your home network.
1. Download the NMAP tool from
2. Install and start the tool.
3. Input a range of IP addresses to scan in the Target field. Select the type of scan you wish to run (the Profile) and then click the Scan button.
4. NMAP will then scan the network and identify active hosts and security information about each which you will see in the Nmap Output tab.
5. What did NMAP tell you about the network you scanned. Did it have any vulnerable devices?
Once you have completed your exploration of the tutorial(s), prepare a 2- to 3-page report covering the following topics:
· what the tutorials teach
· how good a job the tutorial does (include any of your personal experiences with it that might be relevant)
· who might find the tutorial useful
· any other aspect of the tutorial that you think a reader might find useful

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