Case Study for Trap Ease America

Case Study: Trap­Ease America      1.  Trap­ Ease only has a once­in­a­lifetime opportunity because the investors see that this  product has big potential since the idea is great. The investors saw the product and automatically  saw that people would buy it since it is such an easy and clean solution to something associated  with messy and violent.  The information needed to evaluate the opportunity is the study of the  market, competitors, and other products. Also, the awards and buzz surrounding the Trap­Ease  also helped the investors see this as a high potential.  The positioning of Trap­Ease is centered around dead mice and the product. They really  value their product and want to show its usefulness. The group’s mission statement…show more content…
There should be ads in the  department stores they sell in, tv commercial, and even the internet. If this was blended in with  the other “P’s” , it will have a stronger presence in the market.     5.  Trap­Ease America, although being an all new and mess­free way to get rid of mice and  rats, has at least one major competitor: the original mousetrap. The mousetrap has a big  advantage in that it has been around since 1876 so many competing companies, like Ortho,,  distribute them. Iit has a big place in the market. Also, it has reached all of its possible market  target. Whenever there is a rodent problem in a house, it is the first solution that comes to mind.   Other competitors are companies that sell poisons and noiseless plug in devices that sell from  Riddex and Motocomo. Trap­Ease is in its inception and will fight its way through the  competition with the idea of a mess­free way to rid the pests.      6.  The first thing I would do would be to applaud Martha for her work alone and then hire  an actual marketing strategy team. Marketing strategy is too big of an area to cover with only one  person. You need other people to focus on different areas that set up the marketing logic.  The best control procedure would be the strategic control. The company needs to first set  a better basic strategy and then continually check if it matches the opportunities. This changes  how the company approaches the marketplace.   Another control that would work well would be the

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