CAT (Centre for appropriate technology) Hotspot

CAT (Centre for appropriate technology) Hotspot
According to Ingenious Mobile Hotspot technology connecting remote NT (n.d.), CAT hotspots have improved mobile coverage in different places. Styles states, “These CAT Hotspots are innovative in their simplicity” (“No internet, no phones: Roadhouse owners build own mobile tower in desperate bid for reception,” 2017). Passive parabolic’ dish’ antenna technology is used to increase the signal strength at the user end (Squarespace.Com, n.d.). This allows coverage to be extended considerably beyond the current footprint to areas where hand-held cell phone usage isn’t currently feasible (Pola, n.d.). It is possible to make calls reliably even with a 1 bar signal. Therefore, applying the technology by installing Cat hotspots in different regions in Cape York will enable the people in that region to increase coverage and help calls and internet connectivity. 

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