Cause Of Disparities In Grades And Education Attainment Essay

Cause of Disparities in Grades and Education Attainment Essay

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Using ALP Format, single space, one page.
DON’T NEED: Title page, double-spaced, abstract, subheadings, references page
DO NEED: In-text citations, for example:
Kohli (2012) notes, “Racism is….” (p.34).
Accordingly, we must “read the word to read the world” (Freire, 1970, p.3).
Latinx students are always called on to be resilient and ignore structural racism (Pérez & Tracy, 2020).
Accurately and thoughtfully identifies article’s key arguments or ideas using YOUR OWN words. This is not a summary of the article. Writes clearly and uses specific examples.
Concludes by answering any of the following:
*What do you think about the ideas presented in the reading?
*How does this relate to your life and/or schooling experiences?
*What questions do you have

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