Causes of police corruption summary

Causes of police corruption 
There are several causes of police corruption, such as the community’s standards, the attitude of the police chief, the action of the curt or the prosecutors, and police discretion. For police corruption to occur, the following elements must be present: misuse of authority, abuse of personal achievement, and the abuse of official capabilities. The main factor that makes police officers in the United Kingdom involve themselves in the corruption act is the low salary they get Quah. They perform a lot of work, like staying up when everyone else is asleep, but still, they get less payment. Another cause of corruption I that the government in the United Kingdom is too nagging and when corruption reports are brought to the offices, there is no serious action taken. The lack of punishment to corrupt police officers increases the rate of corruption by police officers. Another significant factor is when there is division in public. When the public does not speak a common language, it will be complicated to end corruption in the country and nationwide. Lac of independent detective agents s another cause that promotes breakdown by police officers as they carry out the practices with no fear of anyone. Insufficient implementation techniques will help reduce the cases of corruption. Many people talk about ending corruption, but none of them is taking the responsibility to end police corruption, and the contributing factor to this is the fear of the police officers. Police officers are the ones who are supposed to protect the rights of all civilians, but when they are corrupt, no one is left to care for them. Hence they lack awareness of their rights Quah. Officers are not transparent when they deal with people and whatever is going on in the dark no one notices the prevalence of corruption.

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