Challenges take place in the procurement process of Volkswagen

Challenges take place in the procurement process of Volkswagen. 
Volkswagen recently faced challenges by applying the procurement process in the fast automotive industry by working with their suppliers under the short program and with different technology. The company is working with the suppliers in the Fast initiative that faced challenges as the suppliers are not well trained or well knowledgeable with the advanced technology that met a problem to them working within the automotive industry and the speed of the product in the fast, innovative ideas. The other challenges faced by Volkswagen in the procurement process of e-mobility that produces extraction of the raw materials as the company wants clean raw materials and the sustainable supplier sources are provided the proper raw materials of Volkswagen(Volkswagen: success in 2019, 2020). The company is also facing challenges due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19 as the procurement process in various departments is reducing their standard level in the marketplace. Including this the sales revenue down up to 35.5% and the deliveries reduce this result to the market and the company is recovering from this after some implementation of the technology. In the Volkswagen procurement process, the challenges also take place in the management supply chain as the operations management group of the company manages many departments in the organisation. In its production system, the challenges faced if one of the equipment is not working will delay the manufacture of the product and in the delivery where the company faced many challenges and tried to resolve the problems (Gaultier
 et al.
, 2021). 

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